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"So funny!"- Brad Garrett 
"Disgusting"- Robin Leach
"Heidi, get me a popsicle!"
​Heidi will be appearing as Juliet in Shotspeare's production of 'Romeo & Juliet'
​Coming to Las Vegas this Fall!!!
International Actress, Clown, Host, Comedienne, and writer who has enjoyed grabbing Ashton Kutcher's boob, grossing out Gallagher, interviewing Larry King, and confusing the Germans. 
- Garry Marshall
Look, it's me interviewing Larry King! ~~~>
Heidi will be creating, producing, and writing for the world premier of 'Cirque du Fringe: Miracle Cure', an original Vaudevillian circus spectacular. 

Headlining as the main stage event at the Rochester Fringe Festival this September! 
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